Turnkey ice rink CyberGlace

A generous ice rink in an urban area of 100,000 inhabitants is not a dream anymore.

What is a CyberGlace?


A CyberGlace is a 56 m × 26 m rink made of real ice in a 2200m2 building. Its specific design allows the CyberGlace to be opened all year.

How to use it?

It is designed as a leisure environment for general public and can be the place for family activities, urban meetings and sport events.

How much?

A CyberGlace is a reasonable investment: 3M€ excluding tax, and controlled operating expenses: 200k€/year, excluding taxes.

Let's go!

NewPatinAge takes care of everything: the building permit, the work and the commissioning of your turnkey CyberGlace. Training, workshops and technical assistance are included.

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A unique concept

A unique atmosphere

The cool and bright heart of the ice meets its warm and subdued surroundings in a CyberGlace. The interior design, the architecture and the scenery lighting emphasise the building and give it a distinctive voice. The smooth and shining materials connects with the ice of the rink in a special harmony.

It matches every tastes

Each generation has its own musical tastes and leisure expectations. The public sessions are scheduled around different themes, for families, teenagers, young adults, athletes … Night sessions can be hosted by musician artists and concerts can also be staged.

CyberGlace Skating School

Skating can be taught all year in a CyberGlace, through private or group lessons. Everyone is welcome, regardless of the age or the skating level. A CyberGlace is designed as a training center for figure skating and ice dancing.

Attractive fees

For instance, in Auxerre, France, the entry fee is 4,90€ full price. The skate renting costs 3€. Schools groups are welcomed at a 3,20€ fee — renting included. Groups, regardless of their age, get a degressive fee depending on their sizes going from 6,10€, renting included and without public assistances.

Socio-cultural entertainment

The CyberGlace concept fosters the mix and diversity of skills, knowledge and people, in a spirit of sharing, respect and friendliness. The ice rink is above all a place for socio-cultural events and activities: Hip-Hop, Freestyle, Free Skating, Dance, Comedy, …

Open all year

A CyberGlace has very wide opening hours ranges, with an emphasis on public access to the ice. That way, we try to make everybody able to skate, whenever they want to.

A training center

Designed by a skater, for skaters

Designed by a skater, for skaters CyberGlace ice rinks meet all the logistical and technical needs for high-performance sport of figure skating and ice dancing. A CyberGlace is a training center. Training sessions are open to all athletes even from different clubs.

Control the music from the ice

Play easily your music programs thanks to a computer controlled from the ice.

A sports area of 200m2

The gym area with equipment – bars, climbing rope, mirror – allows skaters to work on the ground and do off ice exercices.

A harness on the ice

Complementary tool to a good technique, the harness allows the skaters to have the feeling of a realized jump. This is an asset for the teacher, especially during blockages related to the apprehension of falls.

An efficient building

NewPatinAge invented the CyberGlace concept.
A new generation of ice rinks.

New PatinAge brings unique specificity to the large, fixed and covered rink construction market. Always looking for greener processes, we are proud to give priority work to local businesses and craftsmen.

A functional and customizable building

An airlock opens directly to the volume naturally lit by a wide opening on one side of the building. A counter includes the reception, the skates bank and an open bar on the track. The staff has a panoramic view of all the equipment, thus facilitating the supervision of the users.

The site

The expected size of the site is 5000 m2 to build the building 33 x 66 m. The orientation of the front facade to the south and the longitudinal part to the north is desirable. The connections to the dealer networks vary according to the location. At least a 120 parking places are necessary – in accordance with the local urban plan.

Environmentally sustainable

Ice all year round!

CyberGlace is based on a system in accordance with the CFC legislation and is deigned to work all year round. A fluid cooled externally by compressors circulates in a glacier belt with very high efficiency. The whole is embedded in a sandstone easy to maintain, without annual icebreaking.

The cheapest energy is the one you don't consume!

The production of cold is equipped with a system of energy recovery which is sufficient for the needs of the whole structure: dehumidification, heating of the building and pre-heating of the hot water.

Air treatment

The quality of the air is maintained thanks to a power station located on the same platform as the production of cold. It carries out heating, dehumidification, air conditioning of the hall and the management of fresh air intake in accordance with the legislation. The plant uses the heat network recovered from the cold production and the return of the ice water network from the runway for the thermo-dynamic dehumidification of the ice rink atmosphere. The diffusion of air is ensured by a textile sheath.

Technical supervision

The operator controls his installation through a programmable supervision according to the needs of the activities and the attendance. The system has 3 simple operating modes to use: standby, normal and hard. A technician can monitor and control the system remotely from a mobile computer or smartphone.

Specific equipment

The CyberGlace ​​Ice Rink includes a telescopic grandstand, electric resurfacing machine, high quality sound system and LED lights. The rental skate park is included as well as all the accessories needed to welcome the public in the best conditions.

High environmental quality

The ice rink CyberGlace offers a very measured impact on the environment. This major goal is at the heart of our CyberGlace concept without forgetting: design, construction, management and user comfort. The occupancy schedules of the runway are pooled between the different users in order to avoid the under-use of the ice with respect to the energy absorbed. We created co-skating to reduce the carbon impact of the skater.

A benchmark in energy performance

The CyberGlace concept is referenced by the EDF Tertiel network and cited in the ADEME publications as a benchmark for energy optimization. The displayed consumption is less than 650 000 kWh / year, for a whole year operation, 12/12 months.

A profitable operation

The recipes

The commercial operation of a CyberGlace ice rink has been proven since 1996, as part of a 100% private management, while remaining within the average national prices for users.

The expenses

The distinctive characteristic of the CyberGlace is its unique management method, that allows a perfect control of the operating costs, especially regarding the energy, the staff and the maintenance of the building.

L'assistance et le suivi

Afin de garantir les meilleures performances techniques et financières, NewPatin’Age peut assurer différentes missions d’accompagnement des futurs gestionnaires ou propriétaires d’une patinoire CyberGlace : formation aux métiers de la glace, assistance technique et commerciale, pilotage technique à distance et optimisations énergétique.

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New Patin'Age is today the only technical office and research unit owning and managing its own ice rink.

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