Who are we ?

NewPatinAge was created in 1992 from the meeting of a civil worker from the Bouygues Group, Thierry VŒGELI and an Olympian figure skater, Alexandre RICCITELLI.
“… We built on our own funds our own ice rink CyberGlace in 1996. We manage and operate it since its opening. It is the headquarters of our design office to prove it is possible.

Current work

Beauvais Ice Rink (Oise)

Construction of the future skating rink of Beauvais - Pilotage of the Concession operation - Exploitation over 25 years

Châlons-en-Champagne Ice Rink

Updating and partially replacing the centralised technical management tool to optimise power consumption - Prime contractor

Louviers Ice Rink

Managing the creation of the public service delegation contract for the future ice rink in Louviers - contracting authority support.

Melun-Val-de-Seine - La Cartonnerie - Ice Rink

Monitoring the public service delegation and the energy efficiency in La Cartonnerie ice rink in the city of Melun-Val-de-Seine - contracting authority support.

Technical office


Functional analysis

NewPatinAge has a great experience in analysing and managing ice rink projects, going from rural constructions to hockey arenas. Our design and technical office has exclusive skills in ice rink programming and in functional requirements that matches high product specifications.

Technical prime contractor

Our architecture team takes care of the thermal and energetic engineering.


Sustainable development

The HEQ goals – High Environmental Quality – are integrated at the early stage of each project. These goals include eco-management, health and comfort, energy efficiency and recovery, air quality, water recovery …

Financial and economical analysis

NewPatinAge has been exploiting its own ice rink for more than 20 years. It has allowed us to master the economical and financial challenges an ice rink represents. Our domains of expertise include feasibility study, assistance in public service delegation contract, building and exploiting.


Turnky ice rink CyberGlace

The CyberGlace concept is first of all the living proof that a big (56m x 26m) ice rink in an area of 100,000 inhabitants can be profitable. Owning an ice rink is not a dream anymore. CyberGlace was thought from its conception to allow a large variety of activities related to the ice, all year. The concept has found its economic model. The CyberGlace is built to meet many requirements: ecological, economical and organisational. A CyberGlace can be managed by public authority or by private structures. Technical assistance and workshops are included.

Some accomplishments